Melanie Kross


I manage your website and social media so you can do what you do best. My business cards say such things as Digital Content Writer and Manager, and Social Media Marketing Specialist. But when you get right down to it, I’m much more—I’m a social media marketer, a writer, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a social media strategist, a digital content manager and a teacher. I’m a big believer in helping people succeed.
I edit, revise and post content for, scheduling it to continually and consistently post on your blog. Need help with content or ideas for lead capture? Got you covered.
Why post amazing content without sharing it consistently through social media platforms? I manage this process so you can do your job.
As we build your subscriber list, let's send weekly or monthly emails to new, potential customers! I design email campaigns and schedule them out for you.
Need help coming up with ideas and writing new content? You're not alone, and you have options! Let's discuss!


After teaching in a lower income area for ten years, I began finding content writing gigs on the side. I learned the ins and outs of SEO, digital content and social media marketing and management and began my own business 6 years ago. Boy, how technology has changed so quickly, but I've kept up. Need an expert to manage your site and make the most out of your lead generation? Look no further, you've found the best.


While Social Media Marketing and Advertising are an integral part of your strategy, at its heart, Social Media is about people, conversations and capturing leads and sales from those relationships.

I believe that we as humans make decisions based on emotion, “gut feel” and brand promise. We buy when we are moved. We buy when we are captivated and engaged to the point that we drop whatever it is we’re doing and say, “Oh, heck yes. I need me some of THAT.”

And so I teach people and companies how to create that reaction.

My skills and specialties include Building complete social media strategy plans and executing them successfully , Communicating in a professional, but unique social media “voice” for each client ~Creating social media campaigns and calls to action ~Implementing Social Media SEO tactics aligned with clients’ keyword and SEO strategies ~Working with the latest social media marketing tools (CoSchedule, etc.) ~Curating relevant content to reach the ideal customers. ~Creating, curating, and managing all published content (images, video and written). ~Developing and expanding community and/or blogger outreach efforts. ~Overseeing website design (WordPress specialist) ~Compiling reports for management showing results (ROI). ~Monitoring trends in Social Media tools, applications, channels, design and strategy.


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